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The Italian Blogger who cooks for Expats in China

Italian, born and grew up in a wonderful Mediterranean town (Lecce) in the “heel of the boot” (Puglia), two main loves, China and cooking: welcome to Dani (Daniela), the blogger for expats living in China, who chooses our Chinese website Amarena to share her recipes and her passion for food and quality. 

The Italian Blogger who cooks for Expats in China

“Stubborn, spontaneous and gourmand”, this is how Dani defines herself. Her love and talent for cooking originated during her childhood, when Dani used to spend a lot of times with her grandmother, a fantastic cook. Dani loved to observe her grandma preparing a lot of dishes, part of the Italian culinary tradition, “for me, it was like something magic” she affirms, “Growing up, my grandma decided to teach me the family recipes and secrets of the art of cooking”, but especially she transmitted Dani the love for food and cuisine, “Cooking is one thing that relaxes me and makes me happy!”she reports. 

After having started her studies in Chinese language, in 2004 Dani went for the first time to China and she immediately felt in love with this country, so that, after graduation, in 2007, she moved to Beijing and then to Shanghai, where today lives. And it was here that some friends suggested her for the first time to share her talent and passion of cooking with all the expat community in China, starting up a blog. Today, in her blog,, Dani publishes each day her culinary experiments, coming from the fresh and genuine Mediterranean culinary world, but sometimes she also tests herself in Chinese cuisine and fusion. Among her proposals, she mentions us that the stew, cheesecakes and lasagne are the most appreciated dishes by her followers. 

Regarding Fabbri, Dani reports how this name and brand are connected to her youth: “I know Fabbri since I was a child and my grandma used to prepare vanilla gelato with the adorable Amarena Fabbri. It was one of the delicious things I ever ate in my life”. She adds: “I have decided to start collaboration with Fabbri since Fabbri represents for me a childhood memory. I was really surprised when I first found Fabbri here in China. Now my goal is to spread and convey Fabbri name and products to all Chinese people throughout my blog!”. What Dani appreciates of Fabbri is the simplicity and quality of its products, from toppings to syrups to Amarena. Concerning our cherries, she mentions how “Amarena Fabbri is a kind of product you can combine as a garnish of any kind of dessert, from gelato to cheesecake and pies as well as any kind of salt dishes, like roasted pork fillet”. To inaugurate her partnership with our company, Dani decides to dedicate us a new recipe, expressing her major culinary temptation. Please find the recipe of: Biscuits with rolled oats and Amarena Fabbri.