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Stefano Pace, a “D.O.C.” Italian Chef

Discover the most outrageous Italian restaurant in Shanghai: D.O.C. Shanghai, founded by Stefano Pace, the Chef with more than 30 years of culinary experience around the world,

Stefano Pace, a “D.O.C.” Italian Chef

It is the most outrageous Italian restaurant in Shanghai, representing the concept of integrity, quality and unique taste of Italian products. We are speaking about D.O.C. Shanghai, founded by Stefano Pace, the Chef with more than 30 years of culinary experience around the world, Fabbri had the pleasure to meet. As soon as you enter into the restaurant, you can have immediately the impression to be in Italy: from Fabbri Amarena vase with its unmistakable decorations to all the writings on the top of the wall of some of the most important Italian food brands, everything seems to remind to our country. Passionate, determinate and precise, Chef Pace pays a lot of attention and care to every detail. Regarding his restaurant, he reports: “D.O.C. would be a mould and symbol of the Italian high quality food tradition. My ingredients are one hundred per cent Italian and home-made prepared”.

Born in Melbourne, Chef Pace starts his career in Australia under the guidance of a great teacher, Chef Pietro Grossi. After a decade in the kitchens of Australian most famous venues, including Iceberg in Sydney, Stefano moves to Germany, Italy, Honk Kong and Beijing where he is Executive Chef of some important hotels and restaurants. The decision to come to China is not fortuitous: “When I was working in Sydney, Ferrari made me the offer to become the Italian Chef for their team in China and I decided to take the chance. After that experience, they asked me to prolong my stay here and I accepted”. It is Stefano strong Italian heritage that gives him the desire to bring the authentic Mediterranean cuisine to Shanghai. Concerning D.O.C., he says: “It is a wonderful experience. Since the first opening of the restaurant, we have never stopped…every client seems to appreciate our cooking. Indeed, the majority of them decide to return.” At the same time, he reports how Shanghai is given him opportunities and successes he has never thought to get. 

Regarding Italian culinary tradition in China, he mentions that “the dishes Chinese people like the most are the two P, i.e. Pasta and Pizza. Among my courses, Chinese love tiramisu as well as my home-made pappardelle with veal meat sauce.” Moreover, about his own cuisine, he tells us: “One dish I have never abandoned in my adventures around the world is spaghetti with garlic and oil. On the other hand, I can say that one of my strongest culinary proposals is porchetta of Nemi, I cook through a very special recipe!”

Speaking about Fabbri, it is interesting to know that Chef Pace first memory related to our company is linked to Amarena: “I was seven years old and, sometimes, I helped my father in his gelato-pastry shop. I remember when I used to put Amarena cherries on gelato… as soon as I opened the Fabbri jar, a wonderful aroma came out…that aroma is unforgettable.” He adds: “Amarena is an Italian DOC symbol…it is for me like seeing the Italian flag. It is not a coincidence the first thing you can see when you enter into my restaurant is the Fabbri vase. I put it there because it represents Italy in all its aspects”. Chef Pace usually combines Amarena in a lot of recipes, from duck to barbecue quails glazed with Amarena cherries, from gorgonzola cornmeal mush to tiramisu, gelato or even Italian sorbet. How would he describe Amarena? “Fabbri Amarena is the incorporation of Italian traditional tastes and memories in a thought”.