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Passionate about popsicles!

Really refreshing, tasty, colorful and light. For when it’s hot, but also for a mouth-watering snack. Summer 2011 has rediscovered popsicles.  

Passionate about popsicles!

They are easy to make at home, but always delicious, and, what’s more, they have the great advantage of not being bad for your figure.

If they are amarena-flavored, or one of the many great flavors of Fabbri syrups, then you really can’t go wrong. They are incredibly simple to make.  How do you make them?  All you need is water or milk, amarena syrup and Fabbri amarenas.  Use about a spoonful of syrup for each popsicle, add the liquid and a few spoonfuls of amarenas, mix all the ingredients together, put them in the freezer and that’s all there is to it!  Especially if you have the “must have” accessory of the summer.  It’s called “Zoku”, and it’s America’s favorite popsicle maker, which is now available in Italy (distributed by Kunzi – It has truly revolutionized home-made popsicles.  You just have to leave it in the freezer and when you feel like a refreshing treat, take it out, fill it with the amarena-based ingredients and in about 7 – 8 minutes you’ll have perfect popsicles. Otherwise it takes a bit longer – usually about 6 hours.  But don’t worry, you can have lots of fun with different molds.  

There are basic models, like Molnfri, a set of colorful molds with a stick from Ikea, or flower-shaped molds from Silikomart (, or little animals from Martellato (, or even little umbrellas ( What are the most original ones? You can get popsicles shaped like the footprints of frogs, cows or geese!  These molds were designed by the young designer Chiara Occhipinti ( as part of the “Nella vecchia fattoria" (On the farm) product range.