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19th edition of Eurochocolate with Fabbri’s delicious treats

In Perugia, from 19 to 28 October, chocoholics can take part in Eurochocolate 2012.  

19th edition of Eurochocolate with Fabbri’s delicious treats

Eurochocolate 2012 will take place once again this year in Perugia from 19 to 28 October, giving chocolate fans an unforgettable experience full of tasty temptations. Following the success of last year’s event, Fabbri 1905 is back once again as a sponsor of this event dedicated to chocolate.

Chococioc ZERO, ChocoCherries, Chocolate Minitopping, Dark Chocolate, Kroccant, Pistachio, and Fabbri Amarena Fabbri will be the delicious Fabbri products starring in this edition of Eurochocolate 2012.  

At the Chococioc ZERO stand, in Largo della Libertà, visitors can enjoy Happy Hour from 6pm to 7pm every day, and from 5pm to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday!! This is another chance to try Fabbri’s low-calorie hot chocolate, as well as a great way to warm up on a chilly autumn day without feeling guilty for once! 

In addition, all Fabbri’s chocolate-flavored products will be available for purchase.  These include the irresistible ChocoCherries, which combine the smooth taste of chocolate with refreshing fruit, and Chocolate Minitopping which can be used to personalize your recipes.  You can also buy Kroccant, the creamy, chocolate-flavored sauce which solidifies at low temperatures and turns into crunchy chocolate, and of course Fabbri Amarena, the internationally famous symbol of the company from Bologna, as well as Pistachio and Dark Chocolate, two unique new products which are part of the Gold range. 

Fabbri’s star of the show at this international event will be the ChocoCherries, the famous cherries immersed in chocolate liqueur.  If you’re a fan, you can find two MaxiChocoCherries – one next to the Chococioc ZERO stand, where the products can be purchased, and the other in Piazza Matteotti, where you can taste a free sample. 

Lastly, to make sure that nobody misses out on the chance to try Chococioc ZERO, Fabbri can also be found at the GF stand dedicated to gluten-free products. Visitors to this stand can drink Fabbri’s Chococioc ZERO right there, or take home a packet of 4 individual servings to enjoy at home.

Eurochocolate 2012 is full of temptations, and is a unique opportunity to experience the fantastic world of chocolate and delicacies from Fabbri.