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Chiara Maci

Chiara Maci


Chiara Maci



"After a degree in law to provide me with a method and a master’s course in communications to learn how to sell that method, it took the job of my dreams with a television company to understand that some people just aren’t meant to have a method". Chiara Maci is 27 years old, a wine expert, a food critic for the TV show “Cuochi e Fiamme” broadcast on La7, and a communications consultant for food companies. She has a blog which started by chance, together with her sister Angela, but which has now become a favorite with thousands of people every day. She has a weekly recipe column on the website TgCom, a book due out in September, and a passion for anything to do with food and wine. She describes herself as an artist, left-handed, Sagittarius and an unbalanced hybrid. She is very attached to feelings but totally disconnected from places, stability and anything restraining or settling. Her life involves living out of a suitcase, as she’s always looking for new inspiration. She’s always looking for new eyes, through which she aims to discover the authenticity of simple ingredients.