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Yogurt and Amarena roses

Yogurt and Amarena roses

3 g gelatin

125 g white yogurt

250 g fresh cream

30 g icing sugar

18 Fabbri Amarenas


More than 1 hour


x 4


Soak 3g of gelatin in cold water for several minutes.  Wring out the excess water, melt the gelatin in a little bit of hot water and add to 125g of plain yogurt. Softly whip 250g fresh cream so it’s not too stiff, add 30g of icing sugar and stir carefully into the yogurt. Then add a couple of spoonfuls of Amarena syrup and stir lightly to leave some ripples of color in the mixture, to make a delicate rose with a few darker streaks. Put a spoonful of syrup on the bottom of each little mold and pour in the mixture.  Put three Amarenas into each mold (a total of 18 Amarenas) and put the molds in the freezer. Turn out the little roses when they are still frozen and leave for about 30 minutes at room temperature, or in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.  (It’s a good idea to put them onto plates immediately, or onto little greaseproof paper circles, so that you can move them safely without destroying the rose shape). If you want, drizzle a teaspoon of syrup on top of each rose to add some more color. For the leaves, I decorated some “Pandoro” or sponge cake “petals” using frosting made with icing sugar and green-colored water, but you could also use little shortbreads or cat’s tongue biscuits.