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Vegan Panna Cotta with Biscuit and Amarena Crunch

Vegan Panna Cotta with Biscuit and Amarena Crunch

250 ml rice or soya milk 

150 ml soya cream 

3 sheets gelatin (or agar agar) 

60 g cane sugar 

100 g Digestive biscuits 

Fabbri Amarenas

40 g margarine Bourbon vanilla seeds


Less tha 20 minutes


x 4


Crush the biscuits and mix them with the melted margarine.  Press the mixture into the bottom of the glasses. Place a couple of amarenas (without syrup) on top of the biscuit base. Place the glasses in the refrigerator. Heat the milk with the sugar and vanilla seeds, without bringing it to the boil. Melt the gelatin (having previously soaked it in cold water and squeezed out the excess water) and stir well. Leave the mixture to cool slightly, and then add the soya cream.  Take the glasses out of the refrigerator and pour the mixture onto the biscuit base. Put the glasses back in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Before serving, decorate with biscuit crumbs, amarenas and amarena syrup.

Recipe by Bastet79