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Sweet Ricotta Ravioli

Sweet Ricotta Ravioli

1 egg for every

100 g of flour

A pinch of salt

250 g ricotta 

Granulated sugar

4 – 5 spoonfuls of sugar 

Some Fabbri Amarenas and syrup

Dust with coconut powder


20 - 60 minutes


x 4


Prepare the ravioli using a classic egg pasta recipe: 1 egg for every 100 g of flour + a pinch of salt. I made normal ravioli for a savory recipe, rather than making them sweet.

For the filling add some granulated sugar to the ricotta. Put the ricotta (250 g) in a bowl and add about 4 – 5 spoonfuls of sugar.  Stir the mixture a bit and then add another spoonful.  Taste to check that the mixture is sweet but not too sweet!

Cook the ravioli as you normally would in salted water, drain and leave to cool for a bit.  When they are lukewarm pour some Fabbri Amarenas and syrup on top and dust with coconut powder. They taste sublime as they are sweet but not too sweet, and the bitter aftertaste of the Amarenas goes perfectly with the sweetness of the ricotta, so that they melt in the mouth!!

Recipe by ELLIE