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Panna Cotta and Amarena Tartlets

By: Danita
Panna Cotta and Amarena Tartlets

For the pistachio pastry

250g 00 flour 

125g butter 

100g icing sugar 

50g ground pistachio nuts

25g pistachio paste

45g egg yolk 

For the cheesecake filling

325g fresh cream cheese 

95g sugar 

6g corn starch 

75g whole egg

45g egg yolk 

15g cream a few spoonfuls of amarena syrup 


For the panna cotta 

400g cream 

100g milk 

75g sugar 

8g gelatin 

A vanilla pod


More than 1 hour


x 8


For the pastry, use a food processor with a dough hook to mix the butter and sugar together. Add the egg yolks, pistachio paste and flours, and stir until the mixture is firm and smooth. Roll out the pastry between 2 sheets of baking paper (so it cools more quickly and evenly) and leave to rest in the refrigerator. For the panna cotta, heat the cream, milk and vanilla pod on a low heat. Add the sugar, allow it to dissolve and then turn off the heat. Add the gelatin (having previously soaked it and then squeezed out the excess water). Stir well until the gelatin has dissolved and then strain. Put the mixture into savarin dishes, leave to cool and then place in the freezer. For the cheesecake, mix the fresh cream cheese with the sugar, vanilla and corn starch using a hand whisk, to ensure that the mixture doesn’t get too much air in it. Gradually add the eggs and egg yolks, mixing continuously with the hand whisk, and then add the cream and amarena syrup. Take the pastry out of the refrigerator, roll it out and cover the dishes with the pastry. Pour in the cheesecake mixture and then bake in a pre-heated oven at 170°C until the desserts are cooked. Leave to cool. When putting the tartlets together, melt the white chocolate in the microwave, dip the edges of the tartlet in the melted chocolate and then in the finely chopped pistachios. Turn out the panna cotta and place each one on top of a tartlet. Finish with an amarena on top.

Recipe by Danita