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Delicious Amarena Pockets

Delicious Amarena Pockets


1 whole chicken breast 

1 pinch of salt 

1 handful of sage 

25 g butter 

20 g peeled 

Chopped almonds

1 spoonful of chopped

Fabbri amarenas 

Flour as required


Less than 20 minutes


x 2



Cut the chicken breast in half, and then slice into each half to form a pocket, with one side closed. Squash the chicken with a meat flattener and flour both sides.  Then add the chopped almonds, a pinch of salt, a handful of chopped sage and a spoonful of chopped amarenas and juice. Close the pocket using a toothpick. Place in a greased ovenproof dish and put chopped almonds and a knob of butter on top. Cook in a pre-heated oven at 180°C for 20-25 minutes.

Recipe by paolofiore