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Custard and Amarena Charlotte

By: Enjel80
Custard and Amarena Charlotte

1 packet of sponge fingers 

1 jar Fabbri Amarena

500ml fresh cream 

500ml fresh milk 

1 vanilla pod 

4 eggs 

80 g flour 

200 g sugar 

1 pinch of salt sponge fingers 

250 g amarena jam 

1 cup of Fabbri Amarena


Less than 20 minutes


x 6


Line a tall springform cake tin or a pudding mold with sponge fingers, and try not to leave any empty spaces. Soak the biscuits with a few spoonfuls of Fabbri amarena syrup, and place more biscuits around the edge. Cover the bottom with a thin layer of amarena jam. Prepare the custard: put the milk, cream and open vanilla pod in a pan and heat until the mixture simmers.  In the meantime, beat the eggs and sugar together with a pinch of salt in another pan. Add the sifted flour and stir well. Add the milk, stirring over a low heat. Turn off the heat when the custard has thickened and leave to cool before placing in the refrigerator. Fill the prepared cake tin with the cold custard, drop 3 – 4 heaped spoonfuls of amarena jam into the custard and stir them in briefly with a fork, without mixing the jam completely into the custard. Drain the Fabbri amarenas and use them for the top layer. Put the dessert in the refrigerator and leave to set overnight. Before serving, turn out the dessert, tie it with a ribbon and decorate with whipped cream and Fabbri amarenas.

Recipe by Enjel80