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Black Forest Shot Glass Dessert

Black Forest Shot Glass Dessert

100 g crushed chocolate biscuits 

(alternatively you can use crushed plain dry biscuits mixed with unsweetened cocoa powder)

250 ml heavy cream

Fabbri Amarena

Cherry liqueur (or kirsch), or Amarena syrup

Unsweetened cocoa powder and dark chocolate flakes


Less than 20 minutes


x 12


Crush the biscuits and add a few spoonfuls of cherry liqueur or Amarena syrup.  Mix well until the biscuits are slightly damp. Whip the cream and then assemble the shot glass desserts in the following order:

  • A layer of crushed chocolate biscuits
  • A layer of whipped cream drizzled with a bit of Amarena syrup
  • Some chopped Amarenas
  • A layer of crushed chocolate biscuits
  • The final layer of whipped cream with a ripple of Amarena syrup
  • Dark chocolate shavings or a dusting of unsweetened cocoa powder, topped off with a whole Amarena

Recipe by MINÙ