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"Bellavista" Fuit

"Bellavista" Fuit

1 yellow melon

2 packets of large strawberries

For the decoration

A few spoonfuls of sugar

Some Fabbri amarenas

Juice of 3 limes


Less than 20 minutes


x 4


Cut the yellow melon into fairly thin rectangular slices and keep some of the skin to use for decoration.  Separately, slice the strawberries.  On a serving plate, arrange the melon and strawberries, alternating between the two. Take the melon skin and cut it into a boat shape.  Put it upside down on the serving plate.  It will form the base for the mini fruit kebabs.  Put a square of melon, a Fabbri amarena and a piece of strawberry on a toothpick. Add flavor to the fruit salad by pouring a mixture of sugar and lime juice over the fruit. To make it even more delicious, you can also drizzle some amarena syrup onto the fruit, to make your fruit salad truly special.


Recipe by ROBERTA