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Belgian Endive, Blue Stilton and Fabbri Amarenas

Belgian Endive, Blue Stilton and Fabbri Amarenas

A small piece of Belgian endive 

100 g Blue Stilton or mature gorgonzola 

4 slices of walnut bread 

Fabbri Amarenas (fruit and juice) 

Olive oil, Salt and pepper as required


Less than 20 minutes

x 4


Clean the endive and divide it into 4 pieces, ensuring that the leaves are attached to the center. Brush with oil and grill both sides. Season with salt and pepper and leave to cool. When it has cooled, put a slice of Blue Stilton (or gorgonzola) between the leaves. Put each piece of endive on a slice of toasted walnut bread, drizzle with amarena juice and decorate with amarenas before serving.

Recipe by Elisapic