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Babà with Amarenas Fabbri

By: Fabbri
Babà with Amarenas Fabbri

Babà Fabbri

Amarena Fabbri

Top Gelée

Amarena flavoured cream

50 g Castor sugar

100 g Cream

80 g Amarena syrup


Less than 20 minutes


x 4


Whip the cream and the sugar and add the Amarena syrup.

Place the Babas on a grid and eliminate the excess rum by squeezing them gently. Glaze the surface of the Babas with a brush of Top Gelée and slice them vertically so that they open like a book. Arrange the Babas on a serving plate and fill them with the cream using a sac-à-poche. Garnish the plate with a bouquet of fresh fruit, half-candied lemon zest and Fabbri Amarena cherries.