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Amarena and Almond Cake

Amarena and Almond Cake

For the shortcrust pastry

500 g 00 flour 

250 g butter 

170 g sugar 

2 eggs 

½ sachet of baking powder (8g) 

250 g Fabbri amarenas in syrup

For the almond paste

200 g almonds 

150 g sugar 

150 g butter 

60 g flour 

3 eggs 

Grated rind of 1 lemon 

3 spoonfuls of Amaretto liqueur


More than 1 hour


x 6


For the shortcrust pastry: Take the butter out of the refrigerator and leave to soften at room temperature. Put the flour on a worktop and make a well in the center.  Put the sugar, softened butter and eggs into the well. Mix the dough together quickly so that it does not overheat, until the mixture is smooth. Roll the dough into a ball. Roll it out with a rolling pin to line a greased 28cm cake tin. Spread the pastry with a thin layer of jam, followed by half of the amarenas. Prepare the almond paste and pour it onto the shortcrust pastry base.

For the almond paste: Mix the softened butter with the sugar in a bowl. Add the eggs one by one, followed by the lemon rind, Amaretto liqueur, flour and chopped almonds. Pour the mixture on top of the shortcrust pastry base and put the res of the amarenas on the surface. Press them gently into the mixture. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 160°C for about 1 hour. When the cake is ready, dust with icing sugar!

Recipe by rosadifiore